Employees should not worry about keeping their job after reporting their employer or company for safety hazards or illegal activity. In the state of California, there is a law that is set in place to help protect employees from workplace retaliation.

There are several actions that a company or employer might take that fall under workplace retaliation. The most obvious action is wrongful termination. It refers to an employee being fired just for reporting unsafe or illegal practices of a company.

Other retaliation an employer can do against an employee include:

  • Changing the employee to a less desirable shift
  • Demoting the employee
  • Relocating the employee to an inconvenient location
  • Giving the employee an unsatisfactory job reference

If you are a victim of workplace retaliation, an attorney can help you know what steps to take to report it. Contact us at Natanzi Law Group, Inc for more information.

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