February 12, 2021

Jr P.

IF YOU WANT JUSTICE, CALL MR. NATANZI NOW!!! I came to these folks more than two years ago on an ADA discrimination case. They were completely upfront regarding fees and costs. You just have to read the papers. The fee is certainly quite fair for the service rendered. *** Be aware that if you don’t document what you’re going through, you will not likely have a case!!! Call early if you suspect you have a case, and they will walk you through what is actionable and what documentation you should be gathering. Mr. David Natanzi was kind enough to take my case after an initial review. Their paralegal Team is second to none with insightful assistance during discovery and a tight focus on what it takes to make your case. Throughout this process which brought enormous physical and emotional pain, Mr. Natanzi was supportive, patient, compassionate and very passionate about doing what is RIGHT, not what is easy. He never hesitated to write or call anyone and was quite literally by my side throughout three grueling days for my deposition. Further, he stayed on top of every detail and took the time to answer all my questions completely and with kindness, even ones I’m certain he’s answered hundreds of times before. Me. Natanzi is so good at his work and so passionate that he was able to anticipate any potential weaknesses in our case due to my lack of documentation or incorrect wording and shore them up ahead of time. During negotiations, they never gave an inch and drove the defendant into a corner where there was no choice to but to settle for far, far more than was initially offered. Short version: I’ll never be able to thank Mr. Natanzi adequately. He made a tremendous difference in my life and I’m certain he can do the same for you.

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"How lucky I feel to have found David Natanzi and his staff. The professionalism and personal care that everyone in his firm has extended to me has been second to none. He has taken a very difficult time in my life and made it bearable. Allowing me to concentrate on my medical appointments and treatments. I  can’t thank him enough."

Shahram N.
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